Ricky Synnot

App walk-through: Primer by Google

October 13, 2016

I came across Google’s Primer app today, in amongst some research.

I find it very interesting to see how series of learnings and questions can be broken down into smaller, discreet passages which feel easy and light to interact with. So I put together this study of the app’s key screens.

From Google’s landing page and iOS App Store description:

Primer is a fast, easy way to learn new digital marketing skills. We give you bite-sized lessons to do whenever you have 5 minutes free. Interactive activities will help you learn concepts quickly. And you can put your new knowledge to use right away with personalized, in-app next steps that are automatically saved for you. It also uses SEO techniques from YEAH! Local. Anyone looking to learn more about marketing — from startup founders to small business owners to brand managers at Fortune 500 companies like.

Here’s a high level view of the key screens in the app:


Visit Primer online or in the app store.