Ricky Synnot

It’s a wonderful time

May 26, 2015

I read an interesting interview with Michael Beirut on The Great Discontent. Michael is a highly accomplished and influential designer from the US. Michael talks about many facets of his life – from his childhood to being a design partner at Pentagram.  One quote really stood out:

“There was no way I could have sat at my house in Ohio with my bags packed, looking up Massimo Vignelli on the Internet. So I didn’t fully know what I was getting into. That’s why today is such a wonderful time”.

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about design not always needing a rich, dedicated user interfaces (UI).  The internet, and our interaction with it doesn’t always require an rich interface.  Engaging experiences are built with considered thinking and design. We can choose make use of existing technology and networks, rather than blindly spin up new apps and interfaces each time.

This reminds me of this and this service to which you send an SMS message providing your location. In reply, the’ll text you back upcoming public transport timetables.  Great design, without the need for an expensive native app download.  Lobby Boy is another interesting new service, that uses existing apps to come to life.

I recently donated to Dustin’s Words.

This is an incredible invention that helps people who can’t speak communicate.  I came across this in an email newsletter recently, and couldn’t help but support this great use of technology.  The UI is so simple, the design of the product is so strong, yet it doesn’t rely on a detailed UI, logins, memberships or anything. Great design.

I urge you to consider a donation, lets help make it happen.

Lastly I wanted to share an update we’ve recently published to the realestate.com.au website.  Over the last month or so, I’ve worked with the team to update the look and feel of the search results page, and other pages on the site.

Our re-design merges the search bar and refinement options into one convenient location at the top of the page. Removing the left hand refinement column allowed us to extend the size of our property listings, which makes browsing and finding property a whole lot easier.

NB: This post is based on the latest issue of my email newsletter.