Ricky Synnot

Redesign of Supermarket POS Interface

December 10, 2012

Photograph by Andreas Gursky

Photograph by Andreas Gursky

Had a great idea for a self initiated design project today – Im going to create a design alternative for the POS system we use at supermarket self-checkouts.

I heard someone say recently that good design solves problems – especially ones that drain our every day lives.  So, I looked to my life for a problem receiving little attention, and the antiquated, very illogical and ill considered POS software interface found at Supermarkets came to mind.

Im not going to re-design an existing system, conduct any content audits or deal with techincal limitations at this stage. Because of the assumed high cost to install these integrated POS systems, I feel a simple design set up for an iPad woud be a universally acceptable starting point, and could even open the door to a new, simple self-checkout alternative.

The driving force behind this redesign project is ease of use, the acceptance of multiple use cases, and more intuitive use of technology.  People are smart, they know whats going on.  However some people are small, and  some can not see or spell real good, so these POS systems must take care of us all, not allow for one regular upstanding user situation.

I’ll be posting periodical updates here, but you can follow the progress more closely on Dribble, hashtag #newpos

Id love for this project to be open, so as the Dribbble platform encourages, please comment, attack, praise, whatever springs to mind – we’re all uses of these system, so the design we use affects us all.