Ricky Synnot

Stop sexualising women in design!

January 31, 2014

I don’t often rant post, but when I do, its about stuff that really gets my back up.

I can’t help but notice how women are portrayed in the plethora of videos, design mockups, comps and previews I look at every day.

A recent blog post by Wells Riley really showcases the issue, and shows just how prevalent this kind of portrayal is.

Its just so unnecessary, so superfluous to the quality of a good design.  Many places – some free – exist to grab meaningful and real representations of men and women, in real life situations to use in our work.

We must agree as an industry that if we’re pitching new work, making a video that showcases our new product, or just mocking something up internally, that we’d want it to reflect the world we really live in as accurately as possible.

That’s not to say anything should be boring, mundane or flat, quite the contrary.

InfinityAR have recently published a video that I watched via FutureDrama is a great example of, but a poor contribution to this disappointing and just plain sexist trend.  See for yourself, just how realistic this video is.  So real.

‘Hypersexualisation’ has also been covered by Shaun Inguanzo of Gamer Thumb.

I’ll close by repeating Riley’s closing statements, as its something I really support:

The solution is ridiculously simple.

  1. Be a man and stop using sexualized women in your work. I recommend Facebox or UIfaces for those times you need real-looking people in your mockups.
  2. If you see offending work, say something. Remember, a man can be a woman’s best advocate.
  3. Do excellent work and be excellent to each other. This is just a good rule to live by in general.